Night & Day Art Collective at Art By The Lake!

Join us on Saturday, August 17 for a day of fun, sun and ART. Under a big white tent, 28 talented artists, from painters to glassblowers, will be exhibiting and selling their artwork to the public. Where? At ART By The Lake in Cooperstown, NY. Sponsored by the Fenimore Art Museum. Worth a trip to Otsego Lake where there are lots of other events going on this weekend, too. Check out the poster for all of the details.

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On Influences and Inspiration

By Jennifer Gibson

Artists are influenced by the world around them and their place in it, but they are also often heavily influenced by the work of other artists.  This is especially true in our Instagram-laden internet world, where many of us may spend hours scrolling through to see new work of our favorite creators, sometimes at the expense of our own time to create!  From inspiration to envy to everywhere in between, how do we illustrators positively channel the viewing of quality work of others?  

Here are five ideas:

1. Borrow or appropriate, taking inspiration to generate new ways of working for yourself.  

Even if you just borrow a certain color palette, subject matter or visual point of view, being open to new ideas and methods of working can keep things interesting for you, and can even help you grow as an artist.  

2. Make “responses” to others’ work that are your own in nature. 

Being influenced by others doesn’t mean you have to abandon your own originality. Making references or “responses” to a piece you view by another artist can be helpful in this regard.  For example, maybe you have a new perspective on a piece from art history- a recognizable portrait from long ago, but in a new setting, point of view, etc.  

3. Be selective.  

Mine for certain source material for projects by your favorite artists, to solve a visual problem or complete a brief.  Use keywords or hashtags that meet your specific need and narrow down results list.  

4. Go back in time. 

There are plenty of images from libraries and historical societies, such as old photographs, which are in the now public domain.  Either an in person visit to a history center where you can scan images, or using a database, such as the art collection of the Met Museum, which has an “Open Access” filter for public domain images that can be more closely appropriated without worry of copyright.

5. Limit your viewing from time to time, especially if you are on Instagram-overload. Go outside, read a book, work from life drawing for a change.  

Sometimes taking a step back can be a step forward.  Refresh yourself and don’t fall into the trappings of envy by checking your social media artists every day.  Take breaks to connect with other activities that can be their own sources of inspiration, not to mention rejuvenation!


By Johanna van der Sterre

Even though the four of us live in different towns, we keep in close touch. One way we stay connected - and hone our skills - is by drawing and painting “prompts".  One of us will send out a single word or short phrase.  It’s an assignment of sorts, for all of us. We’re all out of school, but still crave the challenge of creating along an unexpected line. Necessity is the mother of invention! The prompt comes across as one flat word. It might even be a subject that lies outside of our usual comfort zone. The fun is to create an illustration, full of life and zest, and in our own unique style, from that one tiny piece of text. It’s like the cooking shows where each chef is given one unusual ingredient, and then, the sky’s the limit!  They can create a main entree, a desert, a drink or a snack.  As long as what they create highlights that one ingredient above all others.  

Three prompts that we are all working on now are “pattern,” “Valentine” and “Spring!” We will be displaying our finished pieces here and on our Instagram page. It’s a fun surprise for us to see each other’s interpretations. We are getting to know each other through our work with these common topics. You are getting to know us and how our brains function. We are staying fresh and sharp because we never know what exotic ingredient we’re going to have to use to create something delicious. And if we get vanilla? Our job is create the best ever Madagascar vanilla latte, triple layer vanilla raspberry cake, perfectly crisp vanilla-almond biscotti, and rich, hometown vanilla bean ice cream you’ve ever tasted!  

Happy New Year! Happy New Collective!

By Marie Sanderson

The days are short, the “weather outside is frightful” but we are feeling downright sunny and warm about this new collaboration.  We are a group of artists that came together in 2014, when we exhibited in a regional  traveling art show celebrating the birthday of William Shakespeare in New York State. We applied our distinct painting styles to a common theme. Our paintings played off each other well, and we found mutual admiration. Over the years, we continued to discuss our new art projects, how we create, and why we make art. We exchange critiques, inspiration and common sense. 

Night and Day Art Collective collects the latest examples of our most recent paintings and design. It showcases four complimentary talents, offers four unique story-telling and problem solving techniques. Sometimes, it opens a window on how we draw or paint. Behind the scenes, it is supporting our “fitness” as artists, helping us stay strong and true to ourselves while keeping our flexibility to complete diverse projects in a timely and beautiful way.  

As we start off a shiny, new year and start up our shiny, new collective we are grateful to Sue Heavenrich for writing about Night and Day Collective in her December GROG Blog and we’d like to share it here.

GROG stands for 

G: Guidance and support

R: Resources for the craft of writing

O: Opportunities to grow our skills

G: Great folks who care about readers of all ages

(Thanks, Sue, for all of the above! ) 


Happy, Shiny New Year, Everyone!